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Seiciento AVIGLASS Certificación NAMI
AVIGLASS Certificación NAMI

High-end sliding gate system with hurricane certification. The perfect solution for hotels, residences and commercial spaces that seek a spectacular panoramic view and great design without sacrificing resistance.


Recomendado para uso urbano

Original line for high-level aesthetic projects, quality, and resistance. It is characterized by providing a functional solution and a high sense of innovation


Para zonas costeras se sugiere con protección anti huracán

Evolution of the original SEICIENTO line, focused on creating spaces with little perception of gates, high weight resistance and practical opening mechanisms.

Forte Minimal

Numero de hojas adaptable al proyecto

Reinforced evolution of the SEICIENTO FORTE line, which offers projects with hurricane certification while maintaining a high-level aesthetic.

							Acristalamiento SEICIENTO

Glass type

Line designed to support and highlight any type of glass and configuration. Recommended for projects that require large openings in sliding systems.

  • From 6 mm to 30 mm of glazing.

							Acristalamiento SEICIENTO

Type of Systems

A system designed to meet the aesthetic needs of any modern international development. Using durable and resilient aluminum, our SEICIENTO line has a warranty superior to the market standard, ensuring design and quality for the project.

  • High performance gates.
  • Specialized line for tall projects.
  • Modern profiles with straight, defined cuts, without curves.
  • Finishes in electropainting, anodizing, or sublimation.
  • Multi-rail, with no limit on the number of rails.
  • Seiciento runs 5 mm above the floor, while Seiciento Forte embeds the skirting board 1 cm into the rail for added security.
  • Seiciento Minimal offers a greater panoramic view due to the dimensions of its overlaps, which can be single or reinforced.
  • Electropainting, anodized or sublimated finishes.

							Sistema SEICIENTO

							Sistema SEICIENTO

							Operador SEICIENTO

Type of Operator | Opening

With high-quality hardware systems, the SEICIENTO line offers multiple variations in types of operators and opening configurations. Providing users with solutions beyond the regular market, with the guarantee of surpassing expectations in quality and functionality over time.

  • Cast iron trolleys with stainless steel wheels.
  • Multi-point or single-point locking system, key lock option.
  • Handle.
  • Recessed lock.

							Operador SEICIENTO

Know the technical sheets

Know the technical sheets

Client Reviews

Valle de Bravo.

The perfect match for the needs of our new home. Undoubtedly, a superior design that guarantees lasting a lifetime.

Interlux, CDMX.

After several consultations with our AviPartner, we found the perfect product that eliminates 80% of external noise to use in the remodeling of our office.

Grupo Mabel, Los Cabos.

The hotel looks spectacular after the change in the window system we found at AviGlass.