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AVIGLASS is proud to present its collaboration with Solaz, a Luxury Collection Resort, Los Cabos, located in San José del Cabo. This project focuses on the installation of state-of-the-art window systems known for their quality, design, and energy efficiency.

Solaz, a Luxury Collection Resort, Los Cabos, is renowned for its privileged location and luxurious infrastructure. With our window solutions, we aim to complement the elegance and exclusivity of the resort while ensuring maximum comfort for guests.

At AVIGLASS, we are dedicated to offering products that not only meet the highest design standards but also enhance the functionality and sustainability of the environment. Our experience and commitment ensure seamless integration with Solaz's distinctive architecture, providing a unique and sophisticated experience.

Project details

Hotel and residential project located in Los Cabos, where the exterior glazing was manufactured and installed in each room. Additionally, we participated in interior design projects in the lobby, restaurants, and wine cellar. Interior glazing with supplies for decorative and bathroom partitions.

  • Manufacturer
  • Development Status
  • Aviglass Line
    Seiciento Forte
  • Solution
    H-profile, laminated insulated glass

In collaboration

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